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Performance Building Solutions:
Achieving Smart Buildings AND
Leveraging Analytics for Energy and Operational Performance in Facilities

Patty Anderson, CEO
Patty has helped clients create smart and high performing facilities in both the new and existing built environments. Over the past 22 years Patty has helped to design and implement enterprise solutions leveraging new technologies or existing technology to create integrated enterprise management and monitoring platform. One of Patty’s specialties is assessing clients building system infrastructures to determine the path forward to achieve their goals and objectives.  

Jon Sargeant, VP of Technology
Jon has spent over 30+ years in an extensive career focusing on hardware and software building technologies. Jon has developed custom software for integration of disparate building systems before open protocols were developed and has provided clients full turnkey designs for simple building control systems or complex fully integrated facilities and portfolios. Jon leads the technology focus to ensure 3rd party market ready technologies are leveraged to provide clients with solutions that are aligned with their needs.

Together Patty and Jon have provided project solutions that include building system modifications and additions for smart grid, smart building, and metering capabilities; control programming strategies, auto demand response and load/peak control strategies; as well as analytical applications like energy and operations performance monitoring, monitor based commissioning/fault detection diagnosis.

Rebecca Boudreaux, Sr Electrical Engineer
Professional Electrical Engineering experience since 2007 for utility, industrial, institutional, commercial, and other government facilities. Experience includes electrical and controls support in gas‐fired combined cycle power plants, university heating plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, research laboratories, and hospitals. Project design experience includes power distribution, protective relaying, communication, lighting, fire alarm, security, grounding, and lightning protection. Project studies including arc flash assessments, load flow, short circuit, voltage drop, protection coordination, and grounding.

Mike Lane, PE, Sr. Project Manager, Group Manager
Professional engineering and Project Management experience since 1994 in power generation and light industrial facilities design. Mike has been the Electrical and Controls Department Manager, Project Manager and Lead Electrical Engineer for a number of energy projects including power generation, pollution control, light industrial, and
manufacturing facilities projects. He has also been involved in field construction and startup work as well as preparing subcontract packages, studies, proposals, cost estimates, and project schedules. Recently Mike was assigned he position of Group Manager and Sr. Project Manager for the Plant And Building Services Group which services the university and institutional market.

Stanley Consultants 
Arc Flash Compliance and Project Planning Pitfalls


Managing Your Campus Facilities Safely, Efficiently and Effectively

February 18, 2015

Hosted at: University of Portland

Sponsored by: Stanley Consultants and Performance Building Solutions, LLC

The Workshop enabled over 50 attendees to learn and discuss:

  • Arc Flash Compliance  - How to understand the requirements of NFPA 70E and how to comply.

  • Project Planning Pitfalls - Planning Energy System projects

  • Achieving Smart Buildings - How to plan an architecture for Integrated Smart Buildings while Simplifying Building Complexities™

  • Data Analytics - How to leverage Data Analytics for Energy and Operational Performance in Facilities.