Marty Mattes
Director of Facilities and Operations
Bates Technical College​

​Marty has been with Bates Technical College for 13 years and oversees all capital projects.  Marty has a background in design and construction and taught Architectural Engineering for 12 years prior at the college.  Marty owned his own design consulting firm and has provided certified AutoCad training for Evergreen Technologies in Bellevue.  Marty originated the standards and practices for Computer Aided Design and Drafting implementation at Lindal Cedar Homes back in the early 1980’s.  Marty has demonstrated himself as a leader in implementing new technologies to integrate efficiencies and improvements for design and construction projects throughout his entire career.

Mr Mattes, Mr. Silkman, and Mr. Parrott discussed modern project management software, some of the best practices they have found, and how to leverage technology to enhance your facilities projects.

Workshop Resources

Joe Parrott, COO

Marathon Digital Services

Joe is responsible for the daily operations at Marathon Digital Services. He is a highly accomplished sales leader with more than 10 years of experience building and developing high performing sales teams. He has a proven track record of increasing sales market share, developing and implementing strategies to increase profitability, and empowering teams to make business decisions in the best interest of the organization.  Joe is passionate about building a positive culture on the foundation of attitude, accountability, and action.

Greg Silkman
Sr. Asst. Dir. CSM Operations in Planning, Design & Construction
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Prior to joining UMKC Greg spent seven years in the Army as well as four years as a Project Manager with a local General Contractor.  Under his leadership UMKC has constructed or totally renovated over 25 of its major buildings with total construction expenditures exceeding $500M.  Greg’s 23 years at UMKC also included CADD management, space management, hazardous material management, ADAAG compliance and all design and construction services performed throughout the campus.  Greg has been a DBIA Professional for over 4 years and is currently serving as a member of the CAPPA Professional Development Committee.  Greg and his wife Julie enjoy golf, traveling and spending time with their 3 children and 4 grandchildren. 



Getting out of the Construction Abyss

March 25, 2015

Hosted at: Bates Technical College

Sponsored by: MySmart Plans

The construction industry is constantly changing.  Having the most current information is essential to the success of your team and projects.  With the number of RFIs, ASIs, and change orders associated with any size project, this workshop enabled the attendees to learn and discuss:

  • How vital communication and organization are key to a construction project

  • How modern project software can save time and money

  • How organized closeouts are important for a project​