1.  If you have an account, log in to your myAPPA account on the APPA           webpage: then go to step 4.

2.  If you don’t have an account, create one

3.  Log in to your new myAPPA account on the APPA                                       webpage:
4.  Hover over “myAPPA” on the upper menu and click on “myProfessional Development” and then “myEvent Registration”.
5.  Follow the prompts to register!

We're always looking for topics, sponsors, and hosts!

If you would like to participate at a Workshop, please contact us! See our Board of Directors page for contact information.

NWAPPA offers educational sessions through the delivery of NWAPPA Workshops. NWAPPA’s Workshops are an excellent way for NWAPPA member institutions to encourage networking and professional development among educational facilities 


​Learn how your institution can host a workshop or how your organization can sponsor a NWAPPA WORKSHOP in your area.



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